SiCrystal @

Europe's largest SiC single crystalline wafer maker.
SiCrystals roots date back to 1994, when a successful federally funded project on crystal growth of silicon carbide bulk crystals was launched. Subsequently, the company was formed in 1996. The first wafers were commercially available in 1997. From that time on a rapid development took place. After the merger with the Siemens-owned SiC-supplier Freitronics Wafer GmbH & Co.
KG in spring 2000, the stock-company SiCrystal AG is located in N?rnberg in the northern part of Bavaria, Germany.
Last important step was the successive take-over of the shares by ROHM, which was completed in 2010.
Norstel ABミ
Norstel AB @

Europe's largest Epi-service provider. Started in 1993, from a silicon carbide (SiC) project initiated in collaboration with ABB and Linkoping University.
The factory is located in Norrkoping, one of the most modern and advanced facilities existing in the world today, equipped with the best available infrastructure process tools and characterization equipment.
Norstel is focused purely on producing single crystal SiC material for industries.
Ascatron @

Ascatron AB is an independent pure play SiC foundry offering the complete fabrication from device epitaxy to diced wafers. A custom specific design and manufacturing process is prepared based on unit process modules and optimised to meet the device specifications.
Ascatron provides unique technology on 3D SiC epitaxial structures enabling high quality material and new device concepts.
The focus is on fast delivery of small series for market verification and scale-up to larger volume production in accordance with the customers' needs.
Ammono @

AMMONO is the world leader in truly bulk Gallium Nitride (GaN) manufacturing.
Technology development started in 1992 and led to the creation of best in class products characterized by a perfect crystalline quality.
Technological breakthroughs in ammonothermal technology result today in the production of up to 2-inch diameter high quality bulk C-plane GaN substrates as well as non-polar M-plane, A-plane and semi-polar GaN wafers. Those products are in the focus of Light Emitting Diodes, optoelectronics devices such as green and blue lasers and High Electron Mobility Transistors.
CrystAl-N @

CrystAl-N was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the Materials Science Department 6 of Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) with more than 10 years of expertise in the growth of bulk AlN crystals. The Company is led by the renowned crystal growth expert Dr. Boris Epelbaum and Dr. Paul Heimann. CrystAl-N is advised by senior scientist Prof. Albrecht Winnacker and serial entrepreneur Horst Linn who previously founded SiCrystal AG. In 2013, the CrystAl-N product portfolio was enlarged by offering ultrapure aluminum nitride powder and tungsten and molybdenum parts.